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Armagh: A City of Learning Since 445AD


Armagh has been a place of knowledge, ideas and discovery since the time of St Patrick. Ireland’s patron saint established the city’s tradition of learning in 445AD when he founded his church on the hill that gave Armagh its name - Ard Macha and established Armagh as the centre of Christian learning in Ireland. This tradition of education continued into 18th Century with the work of Archbishop Robinson who planned to establish a University in Armagh and made vast improvements to the city. He transformed it into a city of stunning architecture and cultural significance. Through establishing both the Armagh Observatory and the Robinson Library, he designed a city that was ahead of its time. Armagh became a place were people met to discuss the latest philosophies and look to the future. Today, Create: Innovate: Armagh aims to continue this legacy. We will develop a space were people can come to create, innovate, connect and invent. We are working to enhance skills, build a creative community and inspire the next generation.



Create: Innovate: Armagh is a joint initiative between the Education Authority and Armagh Banbridge Craigavon Borough Council. 

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Workshops and Events

We bring creatives, innovators, inventors and enthusiasts together with like-minded people to provide support, motivation and inspiration.

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